Contemporary Design

“Each and every time I drive in and out, my garage door it gives me so much pleasure. It's gorgeous and has transformed the entire look of my house.     Every neighbor, friend, passing dog walker has commented how beautiful it is.” 

Designing Garage Doors for a Contemporary Home

Four ideas for making a statement with contemporary garage door design. Are you tired of the same boring old mass-produced garage door designs?

You need a fresh new garage door design to match your new contemporary space. Here are some design tips to help you find the perfect contemporary garage door to suit your home’s architectural style.


No Panels!

The first rule of thumb for designing garage doors to suit a contemporary home is to avoid any design elements that scream “traditional.” This, of course, means that you don’t want to consider any sort of panels that feature the traditional raised or recessed look. A single-car garage door with four panels across and four up should also be viewed with extreme skepticism as this is a highly traditional (and therefore unoriginal!) look for a garage door.

The Minimalist Look

Moving into more contemporary designs, you might consider a minimalist look. The key here is to go big or go home—make it really minimalist with no adornment at all. Instead, let the color or material of the door speak for itself. For example, we’ve seen some cool results with totally flat doors that have no exterior hardware but feature an eye-popping accent color.

Wood Meets Metal

Another possibility for a contemporary garage door design is to incorporate a mixture of wood and metal. Wood lends warmth and texture, while the metal brings out the more industrial side of contemporary architecture. Popular metals to work with include steel, aluminum, and copper.

Off-Center Elements

Traditional garage doors tend to have all the design elements balanced with perfect symmetry. For your contemporary door, consider breaking free of this convention by placing a vertical row of windows off-center in the door.

Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors are becoming increasingly popular for contemporary homes that lean towards a raw or industrial look. They can be made with clear, translucent, frosted, or even colored glass set in a gridwork of wood or metal. For a single-car garage door, there might be two rows of glass panels across the door stacked four high. Because the dimensions of the glass panels within the grid are so different from your typical paneled garage door, it doesn’t evoke the older style at all and still feels very contemporary.

Custom and Factory Options Available

Due to the increasing popularity of some of these contemporary garage door design options, you don’t necessarily have to commission a totally custom garage door. For example, at Ziegler Doors we carry the glass garage door design in factory-made options from the manufactures. However, we can also assist with the design and fabrication of totally custom wood garage doors if you want a truly unique product. Contact us today! 714-437-0870 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.