Solid Wood Finishes

As a garage door builder for more than 40 years and specializing in solid wood high end custom doors for almost a half a century, WE KNOW WOOD! Every species of wood reacts differently to stain and there are many facts that we consider on every door we build. It is important to understand the wood and its personal character for maximum coverage and color consistency. A Ziegler finish is guaranteed to be a minimum of 4 finish coats, 2 color coats and 2 clear coats. In many cases we will apply 3 clear coats for maximum finish.

In addition to being a leader in the garage door manufacturing industry we also believe in protecting our environment. We as a leader, wanted to find water based stains and clear coats that would perform to our rigorous standards as well as resisting degradation, all the while providing a lustrous finish. Ziegler finishes are all UV tested and 100% waterborne products. A Factory finish guarantees all of the components are properly sealed during the manufacturing process. After years of field performance testing and scientific research we have developed a stain finish process that achieved our high performance standards so you the customer can be assured that you are getting the very best Garage doors, gates, shutters, high security entry systems and motorized driveway gates.

Basic Stain package

We begin with 12 colors that were made popular by today’s trendy designers. Although we can finish your door in almost any color and finish, we maintain these colors as part of our inventory for cost efficiency and production expedition. We can offer these colors with no additional charges as part of our basic packages. To view colors option from top designers, click here.

Custom Stain package

Since we are a full custom builder we never take anything off the table for our customers, if you want a custom color match or something different than what you see above we are happy to accommodate. Ziegler understands how to take care of our high end clientele, we have several crew members that are equipped to come to your job site / home and create a new color just for you. If you have a color on your home, a kids blanket, a mattress, an antique piece of furniture or just about anything. We can come to you and recreate this color same day. Be ready to send us a photo, this way we can come prepared with the correct colors to mix just for you! Custom colors do cost us more money to create so there is a small up charge for thinking outside the box, but not to worry we are always reasonable!

Paint Finish- Some times solid wood Garage Doors or Gates do not have to be stained, if you want the quality of solid wood but just don’t want stain we understand and are ready to build to your specification. Ziegler uses many different brands of paint depending on the application and customers’ requests but we always recommend a satin or semi-gloss finish for a luxurious look and enough moisture blocking protection to extend the life of your door. Paint gives you endless opportunities including Faux finishing too! We can literally make your garage doors, gates and motorized entry systems in any color you choose. We even offer custom color matching if you are looking to match something specific!

Penetrating Oils- There are some woods like Teak, Brazilian Tiger and Ipe that are particular when it comes to achieving color stains, they do not hold stains and clear coats due to natural oils in the wood. Characteristic woods like these are best using penetrating oil. These oils do come in a variety of color tints to accent the natural colors in the wood, but it is not intended to change the color. Let’s face it if you are investing the money in one of these woods you want the natural color anyway. Penetrating Oils are the best way to achieve UV protection and create a natural weather barrier to prevent degradation and create a extreme weather barrier.

Wood Bleaching- This process is more of a preparation procedure for woods that have lots of natural colors that may take away from your designed look. This procedure called “Bleaching” is an application of Oxalic acid and Prepared Bleaches (A 10 percent solution of sodium hydrosulfite) that penetrates deep into the wood to remove oils and tannins that causes the color variations. It literally strips out the color as a pre-stain process allowing the new stain to be more evenly distributed for muted variations on the finished product. Individual pieces of wood or veneer that are abnormally dark or that contain dark streaks known as mineral streaks may be bleached to match the surrounding wood.

All Woods differ in the ease with which they can be bleached. Oak, birch, mahogany, ash, maple, beech, and walnut can be bleached fairly easily gum, tupelo, pine, and poplar are said to be very difficult to bleach satisfactorily. Woods such as walnut or mahogany, which are naturally dark in color, may be bleached to a lighter color or even to white, and light-colored woods may be made lighter, in conformity with the vogue for light-colored, or blond desired wood finishes. Black walnut can be bleached with hydrogen peroxide or prepared bleaches but can sometimes turn pink or leave pink streaks which cannot be removed so this process does need time and a professionals touch. Ziegler has performed this method many times and has a professional staff that can achieve your objectives. Talk to your sales representative to see if this is something that you need in order to reach your desired look.