Composite Garage doors can look like real wood!

One of the benefits of composite based garage doors, Gates, Shutters’ and even Driveway gates is that they can be economical compared to a real wood garage door and still have all the benefits and characteristics of real wood.

Not all composite garage doors are created equal!

Ziegler’s professional finishers are trained in the art of luxury finishes. We take into consideration all aspects of the finish procedures and refuse to skip a step in doing so. Trained to consider special conditions for every type of material, temperatures and humidity levels, which can affect the superior quality throughout the day to ensure maximum adhesion between each layer. WE use a variety of composite based materials for different door applications and each one requires a different methodology based upon the chemicals imbedded into them. That’s why a factory finish from Ziegler should be your first choice. Our doors can accommodate almost any color imaginable. Ziegler finish is all UV tested 100% waterborne. Factory finish guarantees all of the components are properly sealed during the manufacturing process.

What finish should I choose?

Paint Finish- Ziegler uses many different brands of paint depending on the application and customers’ requests but we always recommend a satin or semi-gloss finish for a luxurious look and enough moisture blocking protection to extend the life of your door. Paint gives you endless opportunities including Faux finishing too! We can literally make your garage doors, gates and motorized entry systems in any color you choose. We even offer custom color matching if you are looking to match something specific!

Standard Color options- We offer are not just any colors, they are colors made popular by todays trendy designers. Although we can finish your door in almost any color and finish, we maintain these colors as part of our inventory for cost efficiency and production expedition. We can offer these colors with no additional charges as part of our basic packages. To view colors option from top designers, click here.

Faux Finish - We offer a variety of faux finishes included a stain and paint faux that can create a real wood look over a composite product. Our paint finishers are not just guys who can slap some paint on wood. WE are artists when it comes to our faux techniques; our team of professional painters have decades of experience in all aspects of fine finishing. With Faux finishing we can make your composite garage door look like real wood with grains and knots! We have several faux techniques that look great on garage doors for a fraction of the price of real wood applications. Talk to one of our sales professionals today for more information.

Stain- Most composite woods are not designed for transparent stains, however with advances in stains and paint hybrid paints you can apply a semitransparent stain to a full stain paint designed for outdoor applications like decks and fascia trim boards, making these kinds of stains perfect for a garage door. Our sales representatives are excited to take your call to discuss how we can create a work of art just for you!

What if I have something specific that I need matched?

Ziegler understands how to take care of our high end clientele, we have several crew members that are equipped to come to your job site / home and create a new color just for you. If you have a color on your home, a kids blanket, a mattress, an antique piece of furniture or just about anything. We can come to you and recreate this color same day. Be ready to send us a photo, this way we can come prepared with the correct colors to mix just for you!