Installing a garage door

We build the best garage doors and we install them too!

Not only is Ziegler the highest quality garage door builder, we are a one stop shop here in California. We install everything we build, but there are some limitations. We are licensed to install garage doors only in the state of California and we do install in almost every City in CA. If you have a broken door or need a new door call our service department 714-437-0870.

If you don’t live in California and need installation

We have local dealers all over the US that are excited to help you. Call our factory office in Santa Ana and ask for National Sales, we would be happy to find you a dealer to install your new Ziegler Door. Call 714-437-0870.

Installation Methods and Track Options

Garage door tracks three widths, one, two and three inch. For almost every application we use a 2” track with a center and back hang bracket holding the track in place. In the following sections we have set forth the required information necessary to determine exactly what track is needed. One-inch tracks find most common use in truck and semi-trailer door applications. Two-inch tracks comprise most residential and commercial applications. Three-inch tracks support and guide heavier residential and industrial garage doors.

There is also three different types of garage door track lifts and three specialty installation types that cover almost all garage door installations. Below we have covered 99% of all residential garage door install methods with a short overview on how to measure and prepare your garage for a Ziegler Garage Door.

Standard lift- covers most of the residential applications, consisting of a vertical track, rising to about eight inches short of the door height and attached to a curved section usually 12” or 15” radius.

Vertical lift- used in commercial and industrial applications starts with a vertical section like the standard lift then includes an additional vertical track pitched away from the interior wall 12-18” to make room for springs and drum assembly. This application requires an enormous amount of head room and is for very specialized businesses.

High Lift- combining the features of standard lift and vertical lift applications is an ideal method for garages with high ceilings if the homeowner doesn’t like the look of floating track in wasted space. This is also a great install method for residential garages with car lifts in them. This method features a vertical track, a horizontal track and a high lift extension varying in length depending on each individual install and end user requirements.

Low Clearance- This is a dual track system that allows us to install a roll up garage door with as little as 4 ¾” of head room. This track is used for a variety of reasons but is more commonly used where support beams in garages create an obstruction for standard track options. This track comes in 3 factors Zero, 3 ½ and 6 ½ radius options. Zero clearance is also commonly used in flush mount installations.


Roofline Track- Most often a garage door track has to be used and will hang from the ceiling at about 8 ½’ feet or so from the ground. It can be slightly some people don’t want to see low hanging punch angle and track in their garage. If you have a pitched roof in your garage we can install the door to follow your roof pitch. Just like in all door applications you have a vertical lift to within 12’ to 15” of the ceiling connected to a radius based upon the roof pitch followed by straight track pinned to the ceiling. This requires a seasoned installer that can calculate the pitch of the roof, being 4:12 etc., and understands the track modifications necessary to install properly. Call today to make an appointment for your field inspection today. 714-437-0870 or you can click on our information request link and answer our online questionnaire so we can better serve you.

Flush Mount Garage Door(s)- If you are looking to make your garage door virtually disappear by blending your garage door into the front of your house, then you call an originator of this method. The process requires the door to run on a track the pushes the door even “Flush” to the front of your house. This is not a typical install and requires a seasoned installer who can make onsite modifications and pre construction templates. Ziegler is a pro at this install as you can see from our cover photo of the Venice, CA door we built for Mario Romano on the Wave house. Our installers can make field modifications to any garage applications. These kinds of modifications can be done by almost any seasoned installer and we work with some of the best and brightest in the industry. If you want a Flush Mounted Ziegler Garage Door on your house call today to make an appointment for your field inspection today. 714-437-0870 or you can click on our information request link and answer our online questionnaire so we can better serve you.

Carriage Garage Doors- Just like old barn doors a carriage door reflects a timeless design or the old world and modern classics. A carriage door system can be constructed and installed with several options. You can have an in ground motor controlling your doors on a pivot system or mounted with a swing gate motor operator or an over header outswing motor. This is a versatile design that needs to have a specialty designer make a viewing on your project site. Ziegler has set design and installation standards to the industry for many years. Building a carriage door takes a special skill and installing them requires an infinite amount of details that we won’t bore you with on this site. If you want a professional Carriage Style Garage door we can build and install them to your specific needs. Call us today to make an appointment for your field inspection today 714-437-0870. Or if you feel more comfortable, click on our information request link and answer our online questionnaire so we can better serve you.