Shipping Options

I don’t live in California how do I get my garage door?

We can ship our custom products anywhere in the world! Using our in-house freight partners, we can accurately estimate freight costs and delivery times on almost all of our standard products. What we decided to do as a company is use our formula and stand behind it so you will not have any sticker shock after delivery, any differences after delivery will be absorbed by Ziegler. We do use a variety of trucking companies to deliver products to our national and international clients. We have shipped all over the world with tremendous success, we know the trusted logistics operators that can deliver your new Garage Door where ever you are, give us a call today to get started.

The first Step

After you have made your deposit, signed your drawings and approved hardware choices etc., your garage door or wood product is now in production. When the garage door comes out of production, we then weigh the garage door (or gate), all the hardware and the crate itself and call for freight quotes.

What’s next?

Now that your garage door is completed, ready to ship and a freight operator has been selected, a BOL (bill of lading) is produced and a pick up is scheduled. Once your garage door, or gate(s) are in a crate with a BOL on it, Ziegler has completed the job and any balances including freight charges are now due and your door is officially on its way. Balances must be paid in full before the door can be picked up.

How do I get my door installed after it arrives?

We understand that finding exceptional quality like Ziegler may be difficult in every region of the United States so we want to help you find an installer. Our national sales program is designed to assist you in finding a qualified reputable installation company to complete the install of your new door. Just pick out the Garage Door, Pedestrian Gate, Motorized Driveway Gate or Shutters; we work hard to create partnerships all over the world, just for you.

It’s always best to have your door delivered to a local dealer where they have a forklift to unload the door. It’s not necessary, but it will help cut the freight costs down considerably. As part of your sales process we will assist you with locating a quality dealer to handle the installation of your door and be the receiving end of the product to ensure proper product handling and relieve you of the stress of waiting around all day for a delivery of your chosen your garage door, gate, shutter or driveway entry gate.