Optional powder coated hardware and stained interior shown


Standard galvanized hardware and clear interior shown


  • Struts: 20 gauge 3” anti sag supports. 4 per door on 2 car. Fastened with 1/4”x1” wood lags every 24”. Insulated
  • Torsion Tube: 11 gauge
  • Cable: 18” 800lb. steel cable
  • Track splice plate: Commercial splice plate mounts vertical track to horizontal
  • Rollers: Long stem white nylon ball bearing
  • Finishes: Galvanized finish is standard and powder coating is an upgrade
  • Hinges: 11 gauge every 48”. Doubled on end. Fastened with 1/4” through bolts
  • Track: 2” thick .083 horizontal. .052 vertical. Jamb mounted with 14 gauge track brackets
  • Bottom fixture: RBB-60 heavy duty commercial bottom fixture
  • Drums: 400-12 cable pulley system
  • Springs: Oil tempered 2 5/8” thick. Custom lengths depending on door weight. 15,000 cycle
  • Horizontal track brackets: Mounted with 1” Conduit. Fastened to ceiling with 3” wood lags in back and midspan of horizontal tracks