Garage Door Door Specifications

Wood Garage Door Detail

Constructed from a premium Finger jointed Kiln Dried Hem Fir Frame. Each section is sheared with Mahogany plywood and insulated with an R- Value of 6.1. Doors are installed with a factory vinyl retainer and bottom gasket to buffer the elements from the inside of your home. Galvanized door hardware is the standard but be sure to check out our interior finishes to see more options.


Composite Garage Door Detail

  • Blue Layer:5/8” Thick overlay trim. Material is glued and nailed to face
  • Yellow Layer:5/8” Overlay Material. Glued and nailed to frame
  • Green Layer:Finger Jointed & Kiln Dried Frame. Insulated with polystyrene 3.17 R Value Door Frames are 4 sections tall and have stiles mounted every 24”
  • Frame Dimension Rails:1 1/4” thick x 3 1/2” tall
  • Stiles:1 1/4” thick x 4” wide placed every 24” and doubled on ends
  • Red Layer:Interior 1/4” Luan. Composite doors only have luan on the interior of the door. Wood overlay doors have this layer both inside and out
  • Bottom retainer:Vinyl extrusion with 3” black rubber



Garage Door Hardware

  1. Hinges:11 gauge every 48”. Doubled on end. Fastened with 1/4” through bolts
  2. Rollers:Long Stem White nylon ball bearing
  3. Track:2” thick .083 Horizontal. .052 Vertical. Jamb mounted with 14 gauge track brackets
  4. Track Splice Plate:Commercial Splice plate mounts vertical track to horizontal
  5. Bottom Fixture:RBB-60 Heavy Duty Commercial Bottom Fixture
  6. Cable:18” 800 lb steel cable
  7. Drums:400-12 cable pulley system
  8. Torsion Tube:11 gauge
  9. Springs:Oil tempered 2 5/8” thick. Custom Lengths depending on door weight. 15,000 cycle
  10. Struts:20 gauge 3” anti sag supports. 4 per door on 2 car. 2 per door on 1 car. Fastened with 1/4”x1” wood lags every 24”. Insulated
  11. Horizontal Track Brackets:Mounted with 1” Conduit. Fastened to ceiling with 3” wood lags inback and midspan of horizontal tracks
  12. Handles:2 interior lift handles

Standard Hardware up to 800 lbs
Galvanized finish (optional powder coating available)