Looking to buy? You deserve a quality manufacture!

We are very happy you have chosen Ziegler Inc for your garage doors. We know that there are many companies offering garage doors and several additional options for wood garage doors. We know this; Ziegler is a different kind of company, we like setting the trends and have been for over 40 years. In fact, we have been an industry leader in custom wood doors for so many years that we have inspired several start up garage door companies to copy our designs, but they don’t have Byron Ziegler. The passion that Mr. Ziegler has for his door quality could be compared to the automobile passion of Enzo Anselmo Ferrari, or the perfectionism of Tesla’s Elon Musk.

Tell us about your project

We are going to need to know a few things about your project in order to give you accurate pricing information. When building a custom garage door or any custom product for that matter we need to know some details about your project. Without some important details it can be challenging to get an accurate price. Nothing is more frustrating than getting a quote and then finding out later that your project is going to cost more than original quote so the more you can tell us the better for you in the end. No one likes surprises and that’s not how Ziegler does business.

What we need to know

Details about your project may include rough size or opening dimensions. Also the type of materials you want your project made from, we can build any garage door or gate style from any kind of wood species, however if you are not sure you can view a list of common woods we use. Knowing if the project is new construction or a retrofit application is very important too. Design style is also very important so we can help you choose things like distressing, wire brushing or wood aging applications. Lastly and also critical is type of finish you require, you can see the finishes we offer. There are several other things that could help us help you but to get started those items are critical and will help paint a clear picture of what you expect your finished product to be.

Getting a Quote

We can custom quote almost any design for any garage door, pedestrian gate, shutters, driveway gate, entry doors and security entry doors given the right information as shown in the above section using our design build quote process, however a site visit may still be required for sloped projects, complicated designs and houses with limited access or old construction. Getting a quote from a catalog door is the easiest for us to calculate, just click fast quote or give us a call to get up to date pricing information fast and easy. If you have a design that has never been done, unique or complicated give us a call to set up a site visit at 714-437-0870.

Ordering your door

  1. Approve your art work
  2. Sign Your quote and return to your salesman
  3. 50% deposit must be made on all orders to begin the process.
  4. Completion balance is due upon installation or if you are having your door shipped then your balance will be due once LTL pickup has been scheduled. Payment must be made within 24 hours of scheduled pickup or shipment will be canceled.

Delivery time Standard

A typical project build time runs 6-8 weeks, however during slower seasons or special circumstances we can deliver a garage door, pedestrian gate or Exterior wood shutters in 4-6 weeks. In most all cases we will tell you 6-8 weeks. There are several factors that we can’t which play a role in your door build time, things like material selection, supplier inventory and customer response times on design changes, finishes and hardware requested.

Even on difficult projects we can still hit a 6-8 week delivery but once in a while our customers dream up some pretty crazy stuff that may require R&D. We love building custom projects, just please keep in mind if you are dreaming up something that has never been done before, we may need time to order or fabricate “one off” mechanics but not to worry, we can build it! All we ask is to give us the latitude to conduct proper research and development off site before we install it on your new project. Complex build and install projects also have to be coordinated with several other building trades and their schedules. Our goal is to build it strong, build it right and make it work properly for many years to come. If you project is complex you may want to give yourself more time to get it right, talk to your salesperson for more details if you think your project needs special attention.

Rush Orders

If you need your project done fast we can oblige with a 3-4 week delivery schedule but there is an upcharge for this service. All our vendors charge us to expedite material orders so we have no choice to increase the cost of your project. Rush orders are subject to a 50% service charge on the total build price of your project.

Installation process

Ziegler emphasizes quality on everything we do, including the installation. We have professional installers that understand all the various types of installations and various motors in the industry. We want to ensure that your door is installed properly so we are one of the few manufactures that also install. WE do this to ensure your satisfaction and operational quality. If you are purchasing any of our products from out of state we will assist you in locating a qualified reputable installation company that understands our work. We make the referrals, but it would be up to you to choose the installer you like the best. We do not warranty other company’s installations.