Carriage Doors

Carriage Doors are becoming more common in todays households as customers look for new ways to differentiate that personal expression. Not only do our carriage doors offer unique design features, they also offer some other exciting features, like opening up the headroom and side room space in your garage by the removal of sightly overhead track and hardware. They create more working room and space in your garage. We manufacture our carriage doors with a variety of methods including the entry door lock rail and stile method on a ply core or the solid wood construction method used in our entry doors. On the other hand because we love to build outside the box to meet the creative desires of our clients, some doors just cant be supported by their own wood frames. To build a massive carriage door or bi-folding entry system demanding of strength and support, we fabricate a steel frame specially engineered to support hundred’s of pounds per leaf. Then we use another proprietary method of wrapping wood over steal that maintains the integrity of the frame with out compromise of quality.

A Look Inside