Ziegler Doors Inc. has been contracted to provide the custom made garage doors at the latest New Home Company development in Crystal Cove. At a recent private event, they had the opportunity to showcase their work. Having operated in the area for over 15 years, the company is proud to be able to play such an important role in the development of the latest community.

Ziegler Doors Inc., a business in Santa Ana, CA, is proud to announce that they are a part of a new housing development. They have been contracted for the provision of custom garage doors in the last development of lots in Crystal Cove, Newport Beach. This was announced at a recent event to promote the construction of the lots.

A representative from Ziegler Doors Inc. says: “We were so proud to have our garage doors featured on both homes shown in Coral Cove and Coral Ridge. With all of the lots now purchased by the New Home Company, we can expect to be very busy producing custom made garage doors for the properties. We have worked in the Crystal Cover are for 15 years now, and around 90% of all new doors in that area were made by us.”

New Home Company hosted the event during which the garage doors were presented. They also purchased the last lots to be developed. The land itself is owned by Irvine Company and this is the last land that is going to be developed on. The event itself was private and by invitation only. It gave people the opportunity to view the new model homes that have been built in Coral Ridge and Coral Canyon, as well as the spectacular view residents will be able to enjoy of Orange County. Naturally, it was also an opportunity for people to see the custom garage doors.

Ziegler Doors provides unique, one of a kind, custom wood garage doors. These have been designed to recreate the charm of years gone by. Each door they make is authentically detailed and hand crafted. This replicates the ‘old world’ architecture. The resulting doors are of fantastic quality, as well as beautiful style, and there are no other custom made garage doors like it in the area.

“We have been building wood garage doors in Orange County since 1969,” adds the representative. “As the value of land surged so have the expectations in quality and style related to the homes, and we feel that we can meet these expectations.”

New Home Company, meanwhile, is known all over the country for its unique and beautiful properties. The company has recently won the Top Honor with Residential Housing Community of the Year at the PCBC, San Francisco, 2016 Gold Nugget Awards. Nevertheless, the latest housing development, of which Ziegler Doors Inc. is a part, is set to be one of their best ones yet. The private event was very well-attended and it gave people the opportunity to see the development and to meet the different contractors involved in the construction.