The Future is Traditional!

Don’t be mistaken by thinking traditional means old. On the contrary, traditional style attractively combines architectural elements that have evolved from popular trends. Classic traditional models include Craftsman bungalows, 2-story cottages and ranch style, which have each adopted diverse architectural elements. What they do have in common is a time-honored harmony that creates a warm and comfortable haven for each homeowner.

Ziegler’s designs prove a picture is worth a thousand words

If you want to make an informed decision, then Ziegler’s designers are here for you! See all the option available to you, right there on your laptop, tablet or even your smartphone. Simply design the door that suits your taste and budget. Choose from among the wide range of models, designs, colors, and decorative windows. Interchange the elements experiment with different combinations. Seeing is believing!


Have you picked out a traditional model?

Then the next step is to contact a Ziegler Doors specialist in your area. These experienced professionals know garage door systems better than anyone else. They possess all the knowledge to properly advise you and explain the best choice to make based on your tastes and budget. They can then easily email you a quote for one or more doors, with no obligation on your part.




Are you interested and want to learn more?

Then contact us anytime at 714-437-0870. You can also stop by and visit us at our showroom in Santa Ana, CA. For more information on a specific design send us a request online.