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Custom Garage Doors in Los Angeles - Custom Door Designs from Europe

Crystal Cove CA, “The Strand” by Brookfield Homes. Adrian Foley president of Brookfield homes chose Ziegler Garage Doors to design and build these custom garage doors in Los Angeles, CA. Designed in a grid trim overlay these ECO-Friendly garage doors are certainly a creative architectural design that make an ECO-friendly statement in high-end design. Painted in an earthy sage-green the entire design essence was accentuated with stenciled designs that make the grid-like design pop with elegance. Simplicity enhance with basics can really make an astonishing difference. ECO-Alternative is a series that easily allows modifications and unique creations such as these garage doors. Ziegler Garage Doors are uniquely designed and crafted for long term durability. We have been installing this composite garage door throughout California for over 20 years and are able to offer a lifetime warranty against cracking, splitting or delimitation.

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